Digital Marketing Strategy Program

Learn how to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy and how to develop an Omnichannel Digital Marketing Campaign.

Course Information

In this course, participants will learn how to set digital marketing objectives and identify contextual keywords relevant to their objectives.

Participants will be guided on how choose keywords, brand drivers and brainstorm on their customer’s path in the selection of products and services.

Participants will then be able determine the customer decision journey and create related omnichannel sales funnels, personas and brand drivers. Participants will learn how to do media placements online on social media and websites to appear in newsfeeds and SERPs.

Participants will learn how to use Social Media, CRM, Email marketing and SEM to get leads and how to manage these leads.

Course Instructor

Logarajah Thambyrajah Logarajah Thambyrajah Author

Logga is a marketing professional, project management consultant and founder of Kognifi Sdn Bhd. Kognifi is a digital agency and business skills training provider in Kuala Lumpur, started in Jun 2017. Before Kognifi, Logga was the lead project manager for a MCMC 3G small cells project in East Malaysia. And prior to this, Logga was an international marketer with B. Braun Surgical, Dell, Tyco Healthcare and Flextronics. Full details at LinkedIn. Feel free to send a connection request!